About Us

What is Physie?

BJP Physie empowers girls for life…  through the joy of dance and the power of belonging. Besides promoting an active lifestyle PHYSIE can improve posture, strength, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and balance through a regular program of exercise and dance in a caring, nurturing and inclusive environment that embraces the concept of a healthy body image.


As part of a uniquely Australian dance sport, Lismore Lennox United Physie helps build confidence, poise and self-esteem like no other dance class you have done before. Physie is for those who love their sport – with flair! Our choreography is age appropriate &  specifically designed to teach the relationship of music to movement, rhythm and interpretation.

We provide a new syllabus  – accompanied by a vibrant mix of music & a practice DVD – every year, and run annual competitions for teams and individuals. You don’t have to compete but representing your club with your friends creates opportunities for laughs, hugs & sometimes tears of joy; while the friends you make at physie become your friends for a lifetime.

Regional competitions are held in Coffs Harbour and Grafton, while National finals for juniors and ladies are held at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre; and for seniors and elite ladies, in the prestigious Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.

Further benefits

Learning PHYSIE improves confidence, develops a sense of achievement and helps build self-esteem in the best way possible by encouraging girls, & women to perform for an audience – either individually or as part of a team – while perfecting fun exercises, terrific dances & graceful contemporary routines. All choreography is designed to develop strength, good posture, fitness, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, and discipline. Other benefits include the development of skills that can assist with academic achievement: body geography, spatial awareness, concentration, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills, left/right discrimination, listening skills, rhythm, memory, collaboration & teamwork.


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Bjelke Peterson School of Physical Culture